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Great Room and Solar Salon
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John & Renee Houser,
your hosts at the
Jackson House
(A West Texas Hospitality Center)
1104 15th Street
Shallowater, TX 79363

Phone: 806-438-3194

Email: info@jhlubbocklodging.com
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area lodging experience!
Volcano at Antigua
Lake Atitlan

Jackson House does not charge for accomodations, Rather, we
accept donations in the form of credit card, personal and
corporate checks made out to La Paloma Ministres. Please mail
checks to PO Box 584, Shallowater, TX 79363. We also accept
donations via PayPal. Click the "Make a Donation Button" below
to contribute via PayPal.  

Rates And Security Deposits
We rely on God and your generosity to make this
exercise in hospitality pay for itself. This also helps us
support mission work in Guatemala, which includes
and orphanage and a Christian middle school in a
village high in the mountains where none had ever
existed. We cannot suggest any specific amount for
donations you may wish to contribute as a result of
your visit with us
except to say that our expenses are
about the same as major bed and breakfast operations
in the Lubbock area. Please just follow your heart. As a
security issue, we require an advance, refundable
donation of any amount to confirm your room. You will
be issued a receipt that meets IRS requirements for
donations to non-profit organizations.
Jackson House